Live your highest potential and see the limitless possibilities to fulfil all areas of your life!

DR. ALAIN FRABOTTA established a private practice in 1995 as a naturopathic physician.

Since then he has continued to advance his qualifications with a Master of Chiropractic along with a range of post-graduate studies - including business coaching, functional medicine, neurology, psychology, sports medicine and paediatrics internationally and within Australia.

Passionate about living to his fullest potential, Alain has always valued a holistic approach to life and taken a specific interest in coaching, performance, leadership development and emotional intelligence.

His unique ability to pinpoint the specific key elements to improve your personal and business life, along with building authentic meaningful relationships based on trust and integrity, makes him a valued mentoring coach.

Alain could be considered one of Australia's leading experts in helping professionals fulfil their highest potential and achieve more out of life.

He applies the art, science and practice of multiple disciplines to provide you a UNIQUE, integrative approach to help you transform your mindset and establish empowering results in all areas of life.

Alain enjoys the diversity of living a balanced lifestyle that involves personal development, exercising, cooking, gardening and surfing, and loves dedicating time to his partner Amanda and daughter Ashlyn.

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