Living Your Life with Purpose - Part 2

Overcoming Your Fears

Fear is an emotional reality to a perceived danger or threat. This changes the body's physiological function and ultimately causes a modification in your behavioural response to improve your chances of survival.  The following are the most common fears, which prevent most people living to their highest potential:

  1. Fear of breaking away from your past values systems
  2. Fear of not having the mental or physical capability
  3. Fear of missing out or failure
  4. Fear of financial loss
  5. Fear of losing the people you love or being alone
  6. Fear of rejection, judgement or criticism
  7. Fear of admitting one's problems and mistakes
  8. Fear of being punished or condemned  

Know Your Inner Voice

The inner voice is your conscious or unconscious internal dialogue. Depending on your mind's programming this can support you to either generate positive emotional feelings, or provide you self-destructive thoughts and beliefs that drive negative emotional behavioural patterns. 

Disengage from listening to your critical inner voice or the ego's self-destructive thought systems and attitudes, as this is responsible for causing maladaptive, self-limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that lead to negative consequences and pain.  

Practice visualisation and generating emotional feelings of:

  1. Love
  2. Gratitude
  3. Inspiration
  4. Enthusiasm  

Set a Realistic Vision & Time-Frame

A sense of entitlement and dealing with unrealistic expectations is a common issue that affects many people, and most often leaves you and others feeling overly burdened, frustrated and resentful.  How do we get rid of these unrealistic expectations?

  1. Be honest with yourself about what’s possible.
  2. Identify your expectations. Then decide which expectations are unrealistic and let go of those which are irrational or unreasonable.
  3. Set goals you can accomplish. People with unrealistic expectations will most often set almost impossible goals.
  4. Learn to become more self-aware and remember just because you may be capable of living up to certain expectations it doesn’t mean others should.