Learn The Secret To Finding Happiness

Learn the Secret to Finding Happiness

what is the feeling of happiness?

The feeling of happiness can be measured in your level of security and complete fulfilment in life - family, career, relationships, finances, health and sense of belonging to a community, which are all essential to your wellbeing.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Global Wellbeing Index Report there is a staggering 93 per cent of us worldwide struggling to find happiness and improve our quality of life.

While most people choose to make the mistake and focus on the pursuit of happiness in a meaningless world, there is a number of people determined to see things differently and recognise the value of a Purpose-Driven Life.

is happiness a choice?

According to Buddha, the path to happiness starts from understanding the root causes of suffering, which at the core level involves the mind.

From a neuroscientific understanding, happiness is closely related to the functioning of our brains where the mind is independent to the outside world.

If you are producing the results you want - meaning that you are successful in being happy – then we could agree that you have an effective strategy!

But if you are experiencing relationship stress, low self-esteem, unmanageable emotions and/or signs of physical ailments or pain, this may be a sign that you are following a misguided path. The question becomes, “do you want to change?”

It is one thing to recognise why it's necessary to change, and the actions you need to take to improve your situation. But it is another thing to be able to manage that path of change from point A to point B – as these insights are often built on a deeper understanding of knowledge, intuition and wisdom, and are unlikely to be found through intellectualising.

The truthful meaning of success in life stretches far beyond the popular definition. Happiness begins from within and by learning to:

  • Master your life by taking responsibility to know your core your values and beliefs. 
  • Recognise that the real value of success is an internal process of fulfilment.
  • Be aware of your thoughts and hold yourself accountable for your actions, and the way that you perceive your success and failures.
  • Reflect and decide on what you should let go of in your life.

If each day you make a small amount of progress, you will feel the joy and happiness that comes with personal growth and becoming truly authentic.

I have helped thousands of people in over twenty years of practice achieve well-deserved results, and you too can start making a difference to master your life.

Please contact us if you are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in your life that so often comes with working so hard and achieving limited results.



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