Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unsure about whether DR. ALAIN FRABOTTA can help?

DR. ALAIN FRABOTTA understands that it can be hard to know who to trust at times, so he is offering you a 30min introductory consultation.

Unlock your genetic potential and envisage new possibilities

Why do you want to help people improve their life?

For me, valuing my health and well-being is a way of life. My profession is an extension of who I am – everyday I live, breath and connect with the experience of what I envisage in my life. It shows in my work! It’s not something I have to do and best of all I am fortunate enough to be part of other people’s life-changing experiences!

With more than twenty years of personal, professional and clinical experience I have come to appreciate how the quality of my health and well-being plays a central role in empowering and enriching all aspects of my life. This is what inspires me to share my knowledge and wisdom to help others overcome their own life challenges.

Why is coaching your key focus?

During my first ten years of practice, I noticed how many patients felt disheartened due to experiencing mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges or limitations, which were preventing them from achieving long-lasting results.

I focus on coaching because the self-development process helps individuals develop new insights and solutions to overcome the challenges or limitations, and obtain the mindset to unlock their full potential to increase their personal, professional and business success.

Coaching is an invaluable process for those who want the skills, strategies and tools to make significant life changes, and achieve fulfilment and whole-life balance by aligning their highest goals with their values, purpose and vision of life.

Why do people come and see you? 

The people who seek my help trust and recognise the value of my integrative approach that focuses on your personal experience of life.

They are also searching for more meaning out of life, as they are mostly challenged with complex chronic health or medical conditions that have manifested in wide-range of symptoms or complaints due to a psycho-spiritual imbalance.

How is your approach different and unique?

What makes my approach unique is the importance I place in knowing your personal experience or situation, and establishing a genuine doctor-patient relationship you can trust.

I believe this is a fundamental aspect to my coaching and plays a key role in your success and quality of results.

I also take an integrative approach to facilitate your psycho-spiritual growth, so you can free yourself from re-experiencing the unconscious traumas of the past that have manifested themselves in specific pathologies and maladaptive survival patterns.

How do you help your clients achieve results?

I focus on supporting the neural-integration of the mind, body, brain and nervous system into balance and wholeness; this primarily involves a psychodynamic process of freeing yourself from unconscious past-traumatic events associated with limiting thoughts, feelings, perceptions, values and beliefs to create new behavioural patterns.

My coaching process is integrated with a functional medicine approach, using:

  • A diverse range of chiropractic, naturopathic and psychotherapeutic tools and techniques, such as cranial, spinal and visceral manipulation and applied kinesiology.

  • Integrative pathology tests and low level laser therapy.

  • Botanical and nutritional medicines with disease prevention, diet and lifestyle advice.

  • Clinical sports medicine and exercise prescriptions for injury and neurophysiological correction and rehabilitation.

What’s your area of clinical interest?  

I have a clinical interest in functional neuroscience, emotions and human behaviour in relationship with epigenetics, neurological, cardio-metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions.

What can I expect in consultation? 

The aim of the initial consultation is to build a personable doctor-patient relationship you can trust, as I never start the physical examination and treatment process until we have established a personal connection.

This is so we can continue to learn, clarify and understand more about your precise needs, concerns, challenges, and goals with your current personal and professional situation. Your initial appointment will approximately take 1-2 hours.

If you choose to proceed you will be asked to complete some questionnaires and consent forms. In your follow-up consultations I will then thoroughly review your health and medical history, and perform the necessary clinical examinations and investigations to help understand the nature and root causes or underlying factors contributing to your condition or situation.

I will then discuss the findings of your results and propose a treatment and recovery management plan with the expected outcomes, benefits verses risks, and the recommended scheduled frequency of consultations to suit your specific needs, goals and financial circumstances.

You will then be given time to decide if you are ready to trial a course of therapeutic care. In general, consultations are scheduled on a weekly to fortnightly basis to obtain momentum and then spaced further apart as you progress and improve.

How much will it cost?

While it is impossible to calculate your entire treatment cost, you will be provided with an estimate in your initial consultation.

Given that I firmly believe in the value of my service and measure performance based on results, in the event that there is no improvement, additional sessions will be provided free of charge.*

Fees start from $150.00 depending on the length of treatment and consultation provided.

*DR. ALAIN FRABOTTA reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time and refuse any person unwilling to accept the terms and conditions.

How long will it take before I see results?

Results will vary depending on your medical/health condition, and current personal and professional situation.

My aim is to help you restore your health and wellbeing with precision, patience and care, as quickly as your body’s natural healing time will allow. I work to resolve the root causes by treating all aspects of your health – not just your symptoms.

Taking into consideration that you might have experienced many years of accumulating issues that may have not been correctly attended to in the first place, you can generally expect that for acute problems, you will see 50%-80% improvement within three to five visits – providing you have specifically followed the recommendations.

For chronic conditions that have been constant or recurrent for numerous months to years, you will see dramatic improvements in several visits, however the recovery process will take time depending on:

  • Your specific needs, goals, expectations and financial circumstances.

  • Your stage of life and overall quality of health in relationship with the complexity, duration and severity of your presenting medical condition/s and life situation.

  • Your willingness to explore and develop an awareness of your inner life, and take the responsibility to work through your healing and recovery process towards personal empowerment.

What do I need to consider as a client before deciding to see you?

My aim is to coach you towards self-empowerment, through a dynamic process of deep transformation that explores the core issues of your inner-life.

Therefore, before you decide to make an appointment you will need to be prepared to take responsibility in working through your healing and recovery process. My role is to compassionately facilitate, support and awaken your self-empowerment process; I do not have any intention to rescue, fix or cure you, nor will I accept any responsibility or liability to resolve your life problems or complaints.

You will also need to develop realistic expectations and understand that you will not achieve instantaneous results after a few visits – especially if you have previously exhausted conventional medicine and/or other forms of treatment interventions.