My Story, My Promise …



DR ALAIN FRABOTTA’s ultimate aim is to help you align your highest goals with your most meaningful values, purpose, and vision of life.

Integrating the art, science, and practice of multiple disciplines he can help you increase your personal, professional and business success.

He can help you to free yourself from unconscious limiting values and beliefs that may be manifesting themselves through a range of health or medical conditions.

Dr. Alain has been in clinical practice since 1995.

Why I want to make a difference?

Growing up I was frequently told I wouldn’t amount to anything in life because of my health issues and learning difficulties.

After visiting multiple doctors throughout my life, I had lost hope as my health and wellbeing continued to deteriorate.

My late teenage years was a monumental turning point in my life.

I decided to take responsibility to change my life - I reached out to a variety of healthcare practitioners, and started my degrees in health and medical science.

Today, I have come to appreciate how my experiences has given me the opportunity to learn, grow and share my knowledge and wisdom to help others transform their own life’s challenges.