My Story, My Promise …

Growing up I was often misunderstood by my parents and teachers, and was frequently told I wouldn’t amount to anything in life because of my learning difficulties. If I were born today I would most likely have been mislabelled or misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

These essential early growing years of my childhood were a challenge for many reasons – growing up in a rough neighbourhood, and coming from a troubled low socio-economic immigrant family along with difficulties integrating at school. The culmination of these experiences left me feeling frightened and believing that the world was a threatening, hostile place.

The truth is, I was unable to manage how acutely aware I was of other people’s emotions. I was a highly intuitive, empathetic and highly sensitive child who was being punished for feeling this way – the adults around me labelled me as difficult, non-compliant or having an oppositional behavioural disorder.

In my early teenage years, my situation became very real as I began to develop alarming health problems. I tried to be like my peers around me at school, but this only exacerbated my feelings of fear, anguish and sense of aloneness in the world.

Throughout my teenage years, life was a struggle as it seemed to become even more complicated and confusing; I had a fragile sense of self-identity, with suicidal thoughts and self-destructive behavioural problems. In an attempt avoid my emotional pain I numbed my feelings with unsafe recreational activities and exercised hard for ridiculous lengths of time per day. I stubbornly continued my ways until I reached the lowest point in my life – I was stuck in a deep, dark place of suicidal depression along with multiple injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome.

Finally, desperately, I reached for help. I turned to the medical system, in which I was palmed off to multiple doctors and specialists, one after the other. All tried various methods to work out what was wrong with me; but after many wasted years of treatment I felt like I was only sinking deeper. I had lost all hope.

By this point I was at the end of my teenager years feeling empty and hadn’t anything to lose except my life. Feeling distressed, desperate and vulnerable, I knew that I needed to take a different approach. So when a family friend referred me to a naturopathic doctor, I was ready to do what was necessary to leave behind the pain of my past that was shaping my life.

This was a transformative experience for me because it opened up a sense of purpose and hope. It started to help me recognise the meaning behind the many reasons associated with the cause of my illness. This moment was a clear turning point – to make new choices and take responsibility for my life. Finally, I felt I was on the right path, with a fresh start towards changing my life.

Seeking meaning in my suffering, I decided to enrol in part-time college in 1988 to study the science and philosophies of the traditional healing arts. Throughout my years at college I connected with many like-minded students who shared similar health challenges, along with political and environmental world views that encouraged a vitalistic way of life. My time at college allowed me to begin my journey to explore, discover and learn the process of how to reconnect and express my True Self in the world.

My life experiences have inspired me to focus on my mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual growth. To make a promise to myself to expand my boundaries, and be able to share what I’ve learned to help others overcome their own challenges and improve their lives.

Since completing my degrees in health and medical science (with a specific interest in naturopathic, botanical and nutritional medicine) I have gone on to complete a Master of Chiropractic, along with a range of post-graduate studies in coaching, psychology, functional medicine, neurology, sports medicine and paediatrics.

Knowing what’s possible through my own experience, I believe my purpose is to help make a difference in the lives of others. I now integrate the art, science and practice of multiple disciplines to help maximise human potential, and align an individual’s highest goals with their most meaningful values, purpose and vision of life.

I see myself as an entrepreneur, health professional, and most of all, a teacher. Thank you for your attention.